Expansion Joint Profiles

We are highly engaged in offering a wide range of Expansion Joint Profiles which are manufactured and designed by our skilled workers by using high quality raw materials and modern techniques. These joints are widely used to provide stress relief in piping systems due to thermal changes. Currently, our Expansion Joint Profiles are available in a few varieties such as Rubber Profile Expansion Joint, and Building Expansion Joint Profile, along with different specifications. These joints are very easy to install as well as simple to operate. These products can also be easily customized as per the needs and requirements of the customers. They are very cost effective and can be easily availed at nominal pricing.

Building Expansion Joint Profile

We offer advanced building structures, Building Expansion Joint Profiles, which are suited to architects and engineers. These allow for an efficient movement of the building and can deal with temperature changes. Building Expansion Joint Profiles are the assemblies, which have been designed to absorb the heat-induced expansion safely. These are also suited for the contraction of different construction materials. These are offered with high load-carrying capacity and allow for good connection on all sides.

These Building Expansion Joint Profiles have become indispensable parts in the development of any building. They are designed for adding strength, quality and looks to the buildings. These durable, extremely narrow and elegant profiles are ideal for heavy and light stresses in areas. They are available in black colors in different widths and thickness with highly elastic structure. These Building Expansion Joint Profiles facilitate a movement absorption in different flooring surfaces.

Features of Building Expansion Joint Profiles:
  • Ideal for buildings having heavy traffic
  • Can be used in heavy load applications
  • Anti-wearing and non-abrasive design to ensure long-lasting use

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber

Rubber Profile Expansion Joint

The Rubber Profile Expansion Joints are the flexible connectors made out of synthetic and natural elastomers. They are made to absorb the movements of a piping system as well as the axial movement. Also, these are needed to absorb the thermal expansion. Rubber Profile Expansion Joints are made to absorb the contraction in cryogenic lines. In addition, these can reduce the vibration in several piping systems. Supplied joints are the engineered rubber products suited to be inserted in the rigid piping system. The stability of the joints is highly appreciable.


  • Brand:Saga
  • Material:EPDM Rubber
  • Color:Black
  • Country of Origin:Made in India